I went on a 2 week holiday to Hawaii this month with Chanel. We did all the touristy stuff, hikes, waterfalls, snorkelling, parasailing and volcano climbs but I still managed to visit a couple tattoo shops in between everything. We went and saw Old Ironside Tatoo in Honolulu where Sailor Jerry used to tattoo from. The guys in the shop were really nice and let me in back to see all the tattoo flash and get a feel for the space where the iconic tattooer once worked. It made me think how cool it would be for a tattoo business to have the tittle of the shop where Sailor Jerry tattooed from, to get to associate with that rich tattoo history, but at the same time, how shit it must be as a present day artist to be looked past sometimes.  It was definitly a cool expirence and I’m Happy I got to meet Megan and Anthony at the shop and get a little Hawaii tribute tattoo. Below is a picture of Old Ironside Tattoo and me hugging a palm at the resort Chanel and I stayed at in Maui. If you ever get a chance definitely go to Maui, beautiful nature, small towns and plenty to go see and do if your that way inclined, or plenty to not see and do if your ready to relax in beautiful surroundings.


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