About Elliot

Elliot Crombie is a Tattooist and Painter living in Brisbane, Australia. He specialises in creating black and grey tattoos, custom artworks and murals.

Elliot has spent the last two decades focusing on Art. At 5 he was sketching detailed ocean scenes, stretching a design over multiple A4 pages to make poster sized depictions of the reef. In school years, Elliot was making a series of black ink artworks packed with all kinds of contrasting images and symbols to create large tapestry like Artworks. leaving high school, he began teaching himself to paint, studied graphic design and later committed to learning to Tattoo. Today, Elliot is a multidisciplinary Artist who looks after a diverse clientele seeking him out for custom tattoos, paintings and murals.

Prior to commencing a career as a professional Artist, Elliot acquired a diploma and a degree in Graphic Design. At Tafe Queensland and Griffith University he learnt a lot of skills that now help inform his approach to designing Tattoos. After completing these studies, Elliot went straight into a 4 year Tattoo Apprenticeship with David Williams at Body Canvas Tattoo, starting in 2014 when he was 21.

Over these years Elliot was taught the fundamentals of tattooing and how to operate with a high standard of professionalism, learning not only the fundamentals of the craft, but a work ethic and level of organisation that has allowed Elliot to earn the reputation and clientele he has today.

I am grateful to my family for pushing me to stick out these studies and to David who gave me a start in tattooing. I hope to continue to learn and grow with every project I am offered and to create inspiring artwork for everyone I meet in the future

Elliot Crombie, Artist

In September 2021, Elliot opened the doors to Kauai Tattoo in Clayfield. Kauai Tattoo is a studio where artists and clients are able to work together to create Tattoos, Murals and Artwork in a clean, safe and inclusive environment that is open to the public. Elliot is currently operating in his new studio solo, but in 2022, will likely open the space up to welcome travelling artists and 1 or 2 full time artists.


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