Hanging work in Brisbane city at Brew


Thanks for checking out my website! My name is Elliot Crombie and I am a Tattooist and Painter living in Brisbane, Australia. I tattoo full time out of Body Canvas Tattoo and create commissioned Paintings for art collectors. I have a real love for making black and grey tattoos based around floral, geometric and animal related imagery but I do not limit myself to just these subjects. I create work ranging from small pieces of writing to all kinds of imagery in styles such as traditional, fine line, dot work, watercolour and full colour. Outside of a busy week of tattooing I am always painting.


I have been creating paintings for collectors the past 8 years, making many things from pet portraits, beach scenes and floral compositions all the way through to famous figures and also lost family members. I completed a 4 year Tattoo Apprenticeship under David Williams at his shop Body Canvas Tattoo, starting in 2014 when I was 21 years of age. Over those 4 years I was taught the fundamentals of tattooing and how to operate with a high standard of professionalism.  I learnt how to talk with and how to treat customers in a way that would help us to create the best tattoo.


I also acquired both a diploma and a degree in Graphic Design prior to commencing my tattoo apprenticeship. I still utilise these skills for creating my own social media content and also to create digital and print design work for customers. These days I will not often take on design work unless it is to be creatively rewarding or to Enhance a friends business. My strongest passion is to create high quality Tattoos and custom paintings, but I will always be open to using my design background if it is needed.

first ever tat

If you are over 18 years of age and would like to get a custom tattoo please email me at elliotcrombie@gmail.com with the following info:

-Size of piece


-Colour or Black+Grey

-Dates you are Available to be tattooed

-1 or 2 reference images

To commission Artwork or Graphic Design work email me at elliotcrombie@gmail.com or personally message me with any of your questions at Elliot Crombie on either Facebook or Instagram. I also now have a big cartel where you can purchase Limited edition Prints of my artwork and original paintings

                                                                << See Link Below >>



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