New Print

draw weird

I created the image for this artwork first in photoshop. I picked elements from a wolf, bear, skull and chrysanthemum flower that I felt would make a powerful image. After playing with the composition for a couple of hours on the computer, I cut the image in half so that later I could complete one half of the image than just reflect that version to make a complete image. By only designing half it means the project takes half the time and will be finished perfectly symmetrical. Using a lightbox, I traced over the top of the printed out photoshop design and created the outline of the artwork. It is in this step where it is best to try and merge all your references together in interesting ways. If you spend the time to create a sense of seamless integration of all the references it will help produce a much more visually appealing image, as opposed to lazily just tracing images that don’t work together just as they are. Once I had done this I than put the outlines into photoshop and started to paint it in with a Wacom Bamboo pad.weird tripp

Here is the painted version made with a Wacom pad in Photoshop. To order a print of this artwork or to book in for a lesson please send me an email at



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